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Everything in life has a sweet side. But to discover each one of them, we must experiment and be brave! Imagine if every trip was to the same place, or if every song had the same melody? What fun would it be if every movie told the same story? It is our desire to discover new things that reveal the sweetness of the world one bite at a time. This sweet discovery also brings incredible sensations, such as the nervous excitement when facing a new challenge, the wonderful story that gives you goosebumps, the pleasant aroma that comes out of a package of candy or the sour filling that explodes in your mouth. It doesn’t matter what you do to make life sweeter, the important thing is to allow yourself to taste the discovery every day. Because even better than knowing all the good feelings in the world is the fun you can have discovering each one of them. At Docile, discovering is delicious!!!


To create a desire for our brands, satisfying customers, members of the organization and society.


“To be a global company, focused on growth, results and high quality. A simple, responsible, determined and financially healthy company

Food Safety Policy

Docile Alimentos Ltda. manufactures candies for its consumers taking into consideration the requirements of customers and regulatory entities. This is done through continuous improvement of its products and processes in order to create a desire for our brands.

  • Simple way of being and acting
  • Respect and dedication for people
  • Hands on
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity to fascinate
  • Fair play

Our story

Srs. Nestor, Ricardo, Fernando, and Alexandre Heineck. They are all part of a confectioner family with over 80 years of tradition, which explains the great love story for the candies segment. It is a passion that runs in their veins and has been showing that work, dedication, commitment and innovation make a difference. Founded in 1991, in the city of Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul, in the south of Brazil, Docile has more than 250 items in its portfolio, divided into seven categories: Jellies, Pressed Candies, Licorices, Chewing Gums, Gummies, Marshmallows and Powdered drinks. With modern equipment, specialized professionals and an optimized production system, the infrastructure has two manufacturing parks - Lajeado/RS and Vitória de Santo Antão/PE - that have a constructed area of 33.5 thousand m2 and produce more than 2.6 millions of kilos of candy per month, serving the entire Brazilian market and exporting to more than 60 countries. The processes and products are certified by the British Standards Institution Brazil (BSI Brasil) with the ISO 9001 standard. In addition, Docile is the first Brazilian company to produce Jellies, Pressed Candies, Licorices, Chewing Gums, Gummies, Marshmallows and Powdered drinks to achieve the recognized international certification of food safety - FSSC22000. Following a sustainable line of business, Docile opts for procedures that preserve the environment, recycling more than 97% of the solid waste generated. After a quarter century of activity, Docile is the largest producer of Pressed Candies in Latin America and the second in Brazil in Jellies, Gummies and Marshmallows. A sweet trajectory that demonstrates that doing well, simply and consistently are the pillars of Docile Foods.


Professionalism and courage are the main ingredients of the history of the Heineck family that, over decades, has put its name in the spotlight among the producers of candies. The first candies began to be made in a simple way, boiled in pots at Mr. Natalício Heineck’s house. During the day, he was in charge of the production, and at night, around the dinner table, Mr. Natalício, his wife Irena and their five children manually wrapped the candies. A serious job, filled with a lot of passion and talent.